One of the best things that a decorative concrete driveway has is that it requires little effort and that it saves a lot of dollars when it comes to costs. However, the truth is that no driveway is maintenance-free, and there will always be a necessary maintenance method you need to do, or else, this will not last long. This is something that a good Concrete Driveway Contractor knows.  

We interviewed the professional contractors about basic and effective tips on how to maintain a driveway and we were able to gather the following: 

1. Remove the stains quickly 

There are many ways that we stain our driveway and we spill liquids like gas, oil, grease, and others, which can cause not only discoloration but also deterioration of the concrete material. This is why it is very important to clean immediately the spills as soon as you can to avoid letting sip into the driveway’s concrete material. Also, if you have noticed some discoloration and difficult stain, we recommend that you pressure wash it with some cleaning chemicals as soon as you can. Although it is not always recommended to pressure wash your concrete all the time. 

2.Clean and reapply sealer 

Regular cleaning is one of the most effective ways of maintaining your driveway, as you will be constantly removing dirt, grime, oil, and other elements that may contribute to its corrosion and deterioration.  

In addition to this, reapplying sealer is also very effective in making your driveway protected from the external, damaging elements. But how often do you need to reapply a seal? This depends on the weather conditions in the tour area and the vehicle traffic your driveway and pavement get. But here is the rule of the thumb: you need to reapply seal once for every two years or when you notice the finishing stats wearing off. There are many sealers available in the market, and if you are able, you can apply it on your own. But we recommend that you call a professional for this.  

3.Avid using too many deicing chemicals 

We highly discouraged using deicing chemicals as it can effectively damage the surface that will lead your driveway to spalling and scaling. These chemicals might contain ammonium sulfates and ammonium nitrates that are very harmful to concrete materials. The rock salt which contains calcium chloride gives little damage to the concrete, but is harmful to vegetation. You can use sand for traction.  

4. Always treat it with care 

There are is a more effective method than preventative measures. This is why treating your driveway with care will always prolong its life. This involves avoiding using materials or equipment that are highly damaging to the concrete, avoiding different kinds of spilling, avoiding the use of metal blades, or any equipment that could scratch the surface.  

Although we know that concrete can be very durable, especially when they are designed it to be that way, we also know that all things need proper and regular maintenance to last long. If you would follow the tips we give you, we guarantee that you will have a driveway that can last up to several years.